Turkish delights and gastronomy

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This last winter’s break, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Turkey. We were pleasantly stricken by the food quality and the artistic decorations used to present it. Bright in colors, the shop windows pleasantly surprised us with artistic displays. Everything is done to catch your eyes and make your mouth water! No wonder why Turkish delights are called like this! And actually not only the amazing sweets and pastries deserve this name, but Turkish gastronomy in general! It is always a joy to walk in the bazaars, just for the eyes’ pleasure! Olives, spices, bread, fruits, nuts… Everything is beautifully exposed!
And it is not only appealing for the eyes; it is also excellent in taste!!! After giving a try to most of the local specialties, in many different types of restaurants, touristic, local, popular, the food resulted to be always of very good quality, super tasty and healthy, as Turkish gastronomy uses a lot of greens and vegetables! We had the pleasure to start almost every meal with “mercimek çorba”, lentil soup, which is delicious and heartwarming! Then, the typical menus offer fresh Greek style salad with freshly baked warm bread, tastily seasoned grilled meat (kebab, kefta..) or Mediterranean fish like sardines, mackerel, sea bream… accompanied by bulgur (whole wheat) or rice as well as extremely soft and melting grilled eggplants, zucchini and peppers. For desserts, home-made rice pudding is a must! What a delight! Walking in the streets, you can treat yourself with freshly pressed fruits juices, mainly oranges and pomegranate!
It has been a wonderful experience to travel to Turkey and enjoy its millenarian culture and gastronomy. We recommend it to all the good food lovers!

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