Expoliva 2017 visit

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Visit to Expoliva 2017

We have been very busy this spring but we wanted to give some information, hopefully helpful, about Expoliva 2017 hold in Jaén on May 10th to 13th. This year it was especially busy: due to the rise of prices in olive oil, many people are on business.

As other years, you can experience a complete exhibition about all of what you need for the olive oil production, bottling, etc. Amongst other things, we really enjoy the possibility of tasting a wide selection of olive oils from Spain and other producing countries. It is a nice way to learn a lot of useful information and meet some producers.

We are happy to see that the design and quality of bottles and labels are constantly improving. Some of the latest materials, apart from being beautifully designed, are also the most practical you can imagine for the olive oil, as they are guaranteed 100% no grease. It means that if a drop of oil falls on the label, it doesn’t stain!

Another interesting piece of news to mention is the GastrOleum App. This app presents a large list of olive oils from Spain with their description. The way they regroup so many olive oils in 3 categories is very smart: Aromáticos (Aromas prevail rather than flavor in the mouth), Cuerpo (body, strong flavors predominate in the mouth rather than aromas) and Balanceados (balance between aromas and flavor, either low medium or high intensity). You can find as well some recipes for each kind of olive oils. Currently this app is only available in Spanish.

There where interesting conferences and the subject of Xylella fastidiosa was present. We all hope it does not arrive to the peninsula and more preventive measures will be applied. Already present in the Baleares Island, it is also making terrible damage in Italy.

On the website olivosolidario.org, you can sponsor hundred years old olive trees from Jaén. It is an NGO that helps to protect very old trees in a unique environment and contributes to promote olive oil.

Next exhibition will be on May 2019.