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First Harvest 2019

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Finally this crucial time has arrived! A few days ago the harvest began and everything got very exciting!

The harvesting of the olives in the groves, their unloading at the mill, the cleaning process and then the crushing and extraction of the best extra virgin olive oil that we can get!
This is the optimum moment to produce the best quality olive oils. It is an early harvest and most of the olives are still green! It is so thriving to get this fresh “green” smell of the olives while crushing!

In the same day, in just about 3 hours, the olive convert into fresh olive oil.

In about 15 to 25 days the flavour of the oil will reach its top potential. Then it will be kept in the cellar with
nitrogen on top in order to preserve it in the best conditions. Finally it will be ready to be bottled.

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The first batch is from “finca las Animas” and it is Picual variety.
Throughout the following weeks the best single variety olive oils will be produced, including picual, arbequina, picudo and hojiblanca …

All these weeks until mid december you will be able to see this process during the tours.
Even if we could consume it right now, the aromas and flavours of the oil will be at their maximum in a few weeks ….

We are looking forward to poor it into a toast of bread with tomato for breakfast as soon as possible!