Granada’s tomato tasting

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A few weeks ago, taking a walk in the organic market of Granada (the ecomercado takes place every first Saturday of each month), we have found a very interesting activity to do! A tomato tasting!

There was a very nice selection of Granada regional tomatoes. The different varieties were: Kaki, Valenciano, Guadalupe, Martínez, Negro de Siles (from Jaén region), Pilón and Mini.

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It was wonderful to be able to differentiate all these aspects like the smell, color, skin texture, sweetness, acidity, intensity and time it stays in the mouth…

Definitively there is nothing like a good tomato from the garden! So many delightful recipes came to our mind and water to our mouth… with fresh basil, oregano, a garlic sauce… yumm, what a treat! And of course, not to forget, a delicious extra virgin olive oil to dress them!