International Olive Council Quality Award for 2012 best EVOO

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International Olive Council Quality Award for 2012 best EVOO.

Last May 22nd, the International Olive Council published the outcome of the prestigious competition Mario Solinas Quality Award for 2012 best EVOO. Spain won the gold medal in the 3 categories of the competition. Here are the prize winners:

Intense green fruitiness: Aceites Oro Bailen from Jaen.

Medium green fruitiness: Almazara de Muela from Cordoba.

Ripe fruitiness: Hacienda Queiles from Navarra.

Spain also won all the other medals except for the bronze that was given to Portugal. Bravo!

This annual competition is called after Mario Solinas to pay tribute to this great researcher who did so much in standardizing olive oils quality criteria. The aim is to encourage individual producers, producer associations and packers in the producing countries to market extra virgin olive oils displaying harmonious organoleptic characteristics and to encourage consumers to recognize and appreciate the sensory attributes of such oils.

For more information, please go the International Olive Council website at the following link: