Olive oil from Oregon USA

OliveOilTour News

Last week in the OliveOilTour we’ve had the visit of two charming olive oil producers of Oregon, USA, who kindly brought a bottle of their own estate produced organic olive oil! It was really an honor and a pleasure to be able to taste it with the entire group. We tasted it at the end of our 5 Andalusian olive oils tasting, so by that moment the people of the group were already experts in tasting the oils! We all enjoyed it a lot and we felt very special for this wonderful gift!
Redford Wetle Farms’ oil is made mainly with arbequina olives. They also own 2 picual trees and a few leccino trees. In total, they own about 250 trees, from which they obtained around 18 gallons of extra virgin olive oil last year. They always harvest in November to make sure that their olives don’t freeze which would affect the quality of the oil. The extraction is made by Oregon Olive Mill, Dayton Oregon, which is a local cooperative mill. Then, they have their oil analyzed in a professional laboratory to assure that it is really extra virgin olive oil.
The oil they brought us is from 2013, as the fresh oil of this last winter was not bottled yet. It presents a nice gentle fruity smell, a smooth and buttery consistency, a green pepper after-taste and a good peppery ending! Bravo and thank you very much for sharing with us the fruit of your efforts!