Renaissance’s gastronomy

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From January 12th until March 22nd 2013, the 12th Renaissance’s gastronomy festival takes place in Ubeda. This renaissance town, located in Jaen’s province, was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2003.

During this festival, 10 different restaurants prepare a menu inspired in Ubeda’s renaissance dishes. For 6 days in a row, one of the restaurants proposes a selection of reinterpreted dishes at a fixed price of 25 euros per person. After those days, it is a new restaurant’s turn to prepare a menu.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) play an important role in this festival. 10 EVOOs from Jaen’s province (4 of them from Ubeda) have been selected and each olive oil has been assigned to a different restaurant. Their dishes have to be prepared using these olive oils.

The restaurants that participate in the festival and the selected EVOOs are:

– Restaurante Tapería Antique – From Jan. 12 th until Jan. 18 th

EVOO: Tuccioliva Gran Selección

– Cantina La Estación – From Jan. 19 th until Jan. 25 th

EVOO: Cortijo La Torre Premium

– Restaurante Zeitúm – From Jan. 26 th until Feb. 1st

EVOO: Los Cerros de Úbeda

– Restaurante del Parador de Turismo – From Feb 2nd until Feb. 8 th

EVOO: Lara

– Restaurante Tapería San Pedro – From Feb. 9 th until Feb. 15th

EVOO: Melgarejo Gourmet

– Restaurante del Hotel Las Casas del Cónsul – From Feb. 16 th until Feb. 22nd

EVOO: Unioliva Supremo

– Restaurante Amaranto – From Feb. 23rd until March 1st

EVOO: Nobleza del Sur Centenarium Premium

– Restaurante Asador Al-ándalus – From March 2nd until March 8 th

EVOO: Oro del Renacimiento

– Restaurante Asador de Santiago – From March 9 th until March 15th

EVOO: Castillo de Canena Reserva Familiar Arbequina

– Restaurante El Zaguán – From March 16 th until March 22nd

EVOO: Oro Bailén Reserva

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