About Olive Oils

Olive oil, liquid gold or pure natural olive juice…

There are many ways of calling it, but what is it exactly? Which one is the best for our health? Which one has a better taste?

How does one choose between all these varieties? Extra virgin, virgin, refined, organic, single variety, blend oils …?

Is there a relation between the colour of the oil and the quality, or the flavour? Or between the olive variety, and the quality and flavour of the olive oil?

What does it mean if the oil is cloudy or has deposits?

We have always been told that first press extra virgin olive oil is the best one, but why is that?

It will surprise you how tricky labelling can be and, by the end of this tour, you will be able to understand the labels and make an informed decision when you purchase olive oil.

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Furthermore, olive oil is not only good for your inside but also for your outside!

Since ancient times, olive oil has been used for its health and cosmetic benefits. A large number of studies confirm the many health benefits of including extra virgin olive oil regularly in your diet. Full of vitamins and antioxidants, it has been proved to increase good cholesterol and decrease the bad one, preventing cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis amongst other illnesses. It is also extremely good for your skin and hair, either directly or through cosmetics.

In this tour all your questions will be answered and you will learn all about the world of olive oil.