State of the art Olive Oil Mill

The visit continues in the modern olive oil mill run by a family of farmers for 5 generations. This state of the art mill uses the latest technology to extract and preserve the best quality olive oils. This mill also stands out for being sustainable, clean and efficient.

You will understand the challenges that producers face and the machinery that is used during the process.

  • olive pitsolive mill in Dilar
  • olive paste at millolive oil cellar

Only 10 to 20% of the olive fruit will become oil, thus residue management is extremely important. You will learn how residues are treated and recycled respecting the precious environment surrounding the mill.

You will understand why olive oil is a juice, a “liquid gold” that has to be preserved under the best conditions in animpressive cellar.

The process consists mainly in crushing the olives into a paste from which the olive oil is extracted. Even during the offseason, we will have some olives prepared for you to participate in the first part of the process by crushing the olives in a small mill.